Who we are

Terraform, the artist group, formed by a collaboration of creatives with a background in music, festivals, art, corporate events and lighting. Calling on a pool of artists, creators, lighting designers, engineers and technicians to produce light artworks for corporate events, light festivals, music festivals and galleries.

What we do

Specialising in the use of recycled IBC’s to construct large scale site specific light art installations. Once constructed the structure are illuminated using state of the art environmentally friendly high powered LED lights which can be controlled by various methods including reacting to external elements such as music, wind or interaction with the viewer.


What we have done

With a history of large scale outdoor installations and light works, we have created ‘Cubehenge’ at Glastonbury, and ‘Starburst’ at The Big Chill festival. We have constructed monumental LED letters for the Electric Daisy Carnival’s ‘Cosmic Meadow’ and an intimate installation on the green of King’s College, Cambridge.

Our diverse client base has led to us providing the lighting backdrop for the opening of the new Boxpark in Croydon to a bespoke light sculptures for a country club in Dorset and Southampton’s first festival of light. We have created everything from an industrial coliseum called ‘The Vault’ at Creamfields dance festival to a small installation for a bar at London Lumière.