Cubehenge Glastonbury

Cubehenge is a full scale interactive art installation of Wiltshire’s famous pre-historic monument Stonehenge. Cubehenge is a totally immersive work that also provides a stage that has hosted some of the worlds top DJs. The circular layout and sound to light capable programming created the perfect space for festival goers to fully immerse lose in the euphoria of the music and spirituality that Glastonbury Festival is famous for.

A testament to the spiritual design, Cubehenge became the gathering point for crew and traders on the evening of the Summer solstice, days before the official festival opening.

It was a privilege to have such great names gracing the decks on Cubehenge, artists like: The Orb (Live), Zero 7, Kissy Sell Out, Will Saul, A Skillz, Norman Jay, Alex Metric, Dirty Phonics and Ashley Beedle.

Taking up a circular area of almost 35m (114ft) and standing 6m (19.6ft) tall at its highest point it stood in the centre of Glastonbury’s Dance Village, now renamed Silver Hayes.


Location: Pilton, Somerset. UK

Year: 2010 -> 2014

Cubes: 116

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Cubehenge debuted at Glastonbury Festival in 2010 and returned in full in 2011. The following years it was modified to suit the ever changing site layout but there were Cubehenge monuments on the Glastonbury site up until 2015.

“The original idea was relatively simple – create a full scale illuminated representation of Stonehenge that dancers could interact with. As is often the case, the difficulty came in translating this simple idea in to a physical reality.Bearing in mind the whole ethos of Glastonbury, we wanted the installation to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Once we found the IBC containers that were not only the perfect size but fully recyclable – we were on our way.We also wanted to use LED because of its low power draw and minimal carbon footprint, however sourcing an LED unit that was compact and yet powerful enough to illuminate the frosted cubes proved difficult. After months of R&D we found the perfect LED that could customise for the installation.”