Electric Daisy Carnival

We were approached by Live Nation to construct a stage set for Insomniac Events Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC). We worked closely with Insomniacs designers to create a set that not only acted as a back drop to the performers stage area but also enveloped the dance floor and created perspective within the space. We achieved this with various sized columns that swept around the dance space and beyond the sides of the stage.

For the main structure positioned on the stage we created a bespoke steel frame to display the cubes to spell out the letters ‘EDC’. Only just fitting under the canvas of the big top, each massive letter reached 6m high and 4.8m wide, with the letter D reaching 7.2m high! The design included an equipment table that mirrored the bottom of the letter D, so the appearance of the design was unbroken.

The combination of all these elements made for a monumental installation.


Location: Milton Keynes Bowl

Year: 12th July 2014

Cubes: 104

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