A slightly different but very prestigious venue for us. Every year the students of Kings College, Cambridge hold a graduation ball, organised, curated and co-ordinated by the students. Terraform were asked to create an IBC LED installation that had scale, impact and created a instagramable focal point for the graduation ball, while also having a small footprint that would not damage the historic site.

To answer the restraints of working on a listed site, we built a self supporting structure that could be erected by hand, without the aid of a forklift due to the delicate surroundings and the weight restrictions required to protect the courtyard of Kings College.

The installation cycled through pre-programmed colours and effects during the event, that were further enhanced by the stunning backdrop of King’s College Chapel. It was a great pleasure to build a structure in such amazing surroundings.


Location: King's College, Cambridge

Year: 18th June 2015

Cubes: 20