London Lumiere

A simple but very effective installation for a bar at the London Lumiere Festival.

We were set a challenge to create a set of outside bar tables that were completely self contained and thereby fully compliment with all health and safety trip hazards. We created a cube that used a rechargeable battery that enabled each cube to be free-standing with no cables hindering the pathways of the people attending the event. At the end of each night a cable was simple plugged into the cube charging the light ready for the next day. The cubes are all controlled wirelessly via a small lighting console.

As with all our equipment we ensured the tables were fully waterproof, not only because the bar tables were positioned both inside and outside the bar marquee, but also due to the fact that their intended use meant that they would hold drinks. The table tops were made specifically for the bar and incorporated the materials used in the design for the bar.

A small, simple but very effective installation that had great impact.


Location: Kings Cross, London

Year: 18th -> 22nd January 2018

Cubes: 10